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    OBIEE 10g Vs 11g Technical Differences Answers&RPD


      I'm looking for technical differences of OBIEE10g Vs 11g

      Presentation level & Answers

      Appreciate your help!!!
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          Hi kasi,

          From technical perspective there are many to say.Let me put down this way

          RPD Front 11g :-
          1) Physical,BMM and presentation layer are same as 10g and same way of importing.Let it be online or offline we need to enter password to open an RPD in 11g unlike 10g
          2) We can go for Lookup tables which is the drawback in 10g
          3) Here Parent child hierarchies and ragged level hierarchies are supported and easily done.
          4) Deploying/Changing RPD and webcatalog is done through FMW or can be done manually also
          5) We can use double columns like passing ID column and generate descriptive column

          Webcatalog Front 11g :-
          1) We got a common header in a single access .
          2) Improved support for OLAP style reporting.
          3) Dynamic re-arrangement of pivot tables columns in the dashboard
          4) Dynamic grouping and sorting on pivot and other views also
          5) Update graphing engine using ADF
          6) New gauge types and graphics
          7) New things like BI scorecard,strategy management and even maps access support.
          8) Security which is important is handled by WLS(web logic server) unlike in admin tool in 10g

          These are some of them which i listed out.As you play with the tool you get to know many.

          Hope answers your question.

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