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    Server Setup

      I am in the middle of converting from a desktop implementation using ActiveX on our client server application to a Web approach using AutoVue’s web client server version.
      The new version works fine on my local machine but I now need to move it to a server where everyone can access it and I need some reassurance that the proposed setup of the new server is ok.
      Our approach involves three servers.
      The first server is where the small web page will reside and it receives as a parameter the file name to display in Autovue and its path.
      The second server will be running the AutoVue server application while the third server is the IFS file server.
      Please note that we are using a custom document management system.
      The web page on the first server will tunnel to the second server by changing the VALUE parameter below.
      <PARAM NAME="JVUESERVER" VALUE="http://localhost:5098/servlet/VueServlet;">
      The value parameter will refer to the 2nd server.
      The Jvue folder on the first server will contain all the Jar files (jvue.jar, jogl.jar, gluegen-rt.jar, vueservlet.jar). Would it be better to place these files on the 2nd or AutoVue Server? Or does it matter?
      If not the codebase line in the web page will be replaced by a reference to the 1st server. CODEBASE=http://localhost:80/eFileSys/jVue
      The second server will direct the markups to be written to the IFS file server in the VUESERVER.INI file by the MARKUPS directory option.
      The same directory in the IFS file server will contain a MARKUPS.MAP file which will serve as a directory of markups.
      Additionally, the local desktops will need JAVA 6. My understanding is that it is not needed on the 1st or 2nd servers.
      In the Installation and Administration Manual on page 13 as shown below
      Application Servers
      The VueServlet has been certified on the following application servers:
      Refer to "Appendix B: VueServlet Deployment" for more information on application servers.
      • Tomcat 5.x and up
      • WebSphere 6.1 and up
      • WebLogic 8.x and up
      • Oracle Application Server 10g R3 and up
      • Jetty 6.0 and up

      We do not need any of those ….(Tomcat, Webshere, Weblogic,…) for our application. Is that correct?
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          Daniel Gariepy-Oracle
          Hello Paul,

          I hope all is well, let me clarify a bit the way the servers should be setup if you plan to use 3 servers:

          Server #1: Installation of AutoVue Client/Server on this machine.

          Server #2: This one can be your application server machine, you will need an application server on this one (Tomcat, Webshere, Weblogic,…). There you will deploy your VueLink servlet, the AutoVue VueServlet, your custom web page and all the necessary jar files.

          Server #3: This one would be your file server.

          * The JVUESERVER param in your web page deployed in your application server will point to your VueServlet deployed in your application server.
          * CODEBASE should be pointing to your deployed jar files in your application server.
          * Java needs to only be installed on the clients viewing the applet.

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            Hi Daniel,

            Thanks for the help!

            The county hosts all its web pages on a group of load balanced web servers.

            I am sure they would be leary about having AutoVue run on them (at least initially).

            I would like to separate the web page and put it in our web servers and then perhaps put AutoVue/Client Server and the application server on another machine. Later we may chose to have them run on separate servers.

            Is this doable? How would I refer to AutoVue from the web page. Perhaps by changing the parameter below.
            <PARAM NAME="JVUESERVER" VALUE="http://xxxxxx:5098/servlet/VueServlet;">

            Your thoughts.....

            Hope all is well.

            Thanks again!

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              Daniel Gariepy-Oracle
              Hi Paul,

              If I understand you correctly you are thinking of having AutoVue and the application server on the same box at the beginning right? When you are referring to your web page I'm not 100% sure I understand what you mean, are you referring to the AutoVue applet page? (html or JSP page). If so it's important to know that this page needs to reside in the application server, this is where AutoVue will be deployed. If you plan on having them on the same machine this is the config you would do:

              Here's an example:

              Machine name: test123

              That machine would have on it:

              * AutoVue Client/Server
              * An application server

              In the application server you would deploy your WAR file (from your ISDK project), that WAR file contains all the necessary files (applet, jars, etc...). If your VueServlet remains deployed under Jetty the JVUESERVER would be:
              <PARAM NAME="JVUESERVER" VALUE="http://test123:5098/servlet/VueServlet;">

              If you decide to instead deploy your VueServlet in the same application server where your VueLink deployment is than you need to follow the steps from the Admin guide in order to create a WAR file for the VueServlet and deploy it in that application server (explained on page 21 of the AutoVue Installation and Admin Manual).

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                Thanks, I appreciate your help!