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    Player updating procedure - Netty.

      Hi, I'm currently programming a RuneScape private server for learning purposes. Before I go any further, if anybody knows anything of this, this is for my own fun. I will not be redistributing the client/cache files at all. If you do not know what this is, it's basically an interaction between a client and server and you're able to send packets (opcodes, lengths, and a byte array) and do much more. I'm creating a scratch Netty (http://www.jboss.org/netty) server. I'm trying to get player updating to work which will update the appearance, chat, the hits for combat, etc. For some odd reason, the packets for the player's id (opcode 249), camera (opcode 107), etc are being sent correctly to the client by using "this.getPlayer().getChannel().write(new PacketBuilder(0/** The opcode. */).toPacket(/** Creates a new packet to send. */));" and it sends it to the client correctly. When it comes down to player updating (opcode 81), the server is sending it because it's being encrypted via the Encoder class just like every other packet, but the client isn't receiving it. How do I know this? The maps aren't being shown and I've debugged both the client and server to see what's being encoded/decoded. The client decodes the camera, player's id correctly by printing out "Decoded opcode #" but it will not print out "Decoded opcode 81" for player updating. Yes, player updating is being called correctly and it is writing it out since it's being sent to the Encoder class and then being put into a ChannelBuffer to write out to the client.

      package com.emulation.net.update.player; import

      package com.emulation.net.codec; import org.jbo

      package com.emulation.net.codec; import org.jbo

      This is all it shows on the client:



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