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    How to find out Listner type

      How would I know which listener I am using? EPG, Apache w/mod_plsql, or the APEX listener?

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          From the URL alone there is no sure way to tell.

          If you have Web PL/SQL procedures that use flexible parameter passing, with an exclamation point (!) in front of the procedure name, these won't work in the current version of the APEX Listener. If you are using port 8080, you might suspect that you are using the EPG, but that isn't proof - Tomcat running the APEX Listener might also use this port by default. If you are using the EPG, then your URL will reference the same server that is running your database. But nothing stops you from running an application server on the same server as your database.

          If you are using port 7777 or 7778, you might be using mod_plsql because Oracle Application Server often defaults to these ports. Weblogic running the APEX Listener defaults to 7001. Glassfish also uses a well known default port but I don't use that, so I'm not sure what it is.

          The only sure way to know is to log into the server and see what's running.
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            May I know where to check in the server for APEX listener type...?

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              An option to find out would be to call the root page of the server, i.e. the URL with just protocol, host/domain name and port, e.g. http://yourhost.yourdomain:8080 and have a look at it. Most servers have a kind of home page to see if everything is working and presenting links for management applications. However, if your admin has disabled that page, you may not be able to see it.
              If you have a windows server, you could then check if there is a service running for one of the possible J2EE Servers.
              Another option would be to see which process is assigned to the port you are calling, e.g. using netstat. Depending on the OS you use, the options to use for netstat would be different. Probably netstat -h will give you all possible options. Look for the process-related one. If you have it, may need additional information on the location of that service on your server host. You could determine that with the help of the process list (e.g. ps or Task Manager) and the process id you get from netstat.

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                You could login to the workspace, Administrator->About

                Apex Listener looks like this
                PLSQL_GATEWAY     WebDb
                GATEWAY_IVERSION     3
                SERVER_SOFTWARE     Mod-Apex
                PLSQL_GATEWAY     WebDb
                GATEWAY_IVERSION     2
                SERVER_SOFTWARE     Oracle Embedded PL/SQL Gateway/
                GATEWAY_INTERFACE     CGI/1.1
                SERVER_PORT     8080
                SERVER_NAME     XDB HTTP Server
                I don't have a http server setup handy, probably it is obvious to tell from those variables.
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                  The "About Application Express" page doesn't show this information until APEX 4.0.
                  If you have an older version installed, you could print it anyway with the following statement in "SQL Workshop">"SQL Commands":
                  select owa_util.get_cgi_env( 'SERVER_SOFTWARE' ) from dual;
                  The value for Oracle HTTP Server (in this case part of an OAS) might look as follows
                  Oracle-Application-Server-10g/ Oracle-HTTP-Server
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                    Hi UDO, I ran your suggested script and got the following output

                    Oracle-Application-Server-10g/ Oracle-HTTP-Server

                    may I know which APEX listener am I using...?

                    Thanks again for your assistance
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                      the output you get says your APEX is hosted by a OHS (Oracle HTTP Server; using mod_plsql), which is part of an OAS (Oracle Application Server), so you aren't acutally using the APEX Listener. But that's nothing to worry about, as OHS is one of the supported web servers for APEX.

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                        Yes, But I am unable to login to see apex screen. How will I find out wich is the right url to access APEX.

                        Thanks in Advance.