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    Printing reports directly

      Hi all,

      I'm developing now in 11g and i have some reports that i want to send directly to the printer. I been having some troubles and as i searched the web, i saw that for 9i and 10g, this was not possible without using orarrp. But i can't find any info about this for 11g. Is this true that i can only let user print direct using this tool? Plus, is this tool available for linux x64? Can i add the printer to the server and would it work now?

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          Can i add the printer to the server and would it work now?

          Destype=printer works the same as the 6i client/server version, but on the server instead of the client PC.
          So, if you have several printers, all printers must be known on the server. You need some way to know the printer name for the user running the report.
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            But this way i would have to have all printers deployed in server and i have users that have only local printers and my intention was to even let the users choose where to print. Can't this be done?
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              use this software:


              with this software you can send a print to any printer.
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                The most easy and profit solution for this come from hardware better than from software.

                There is print server link to network. The cost is about 20 - 30 dolar for everyone.

                In this way you can add all printers to server, remote printers also can be add by VPN, and is the most profit because all users have access to all printers.

                And it is the most fast way to resolve.

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                  Well, this is the world of browser applications, where things just work differently than client/server. There are not many options (instead of maybe the aforementioned commercial solutions)
                  - Show, for instance, pdf output in Acrobat and print from there.
                  - Set up your own file extension and mime type as a "direct to printer" type (I believe orarrp is also based on that, and it will most likely work for 11g). Some ideas can be found here:
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                    Here are some possible ways for this:

                    1. In order to print directly to the printer. This printer must be installed / added as network printer on the server where FMW 11g is running.
                    This is valid for all the printers used in your network.

                    2. Another possible way is to use ORARRP utility. This was used before for Forms & Reports 9i /10g for Local Printing on Client.
                    This is the document that explain this:
                    Note 277431.1 - How to Implement ORARRP with Forms & Reports 9i /10g for Local Printing on Client?

                    Similar steps for 10g might work for 11g (the location for some configuration files has changed..)

                    3. To show the Print Dialog box from Oracle Forms on the client PC requires some additional code writing.
                    Here is a sample note

                    Note 351606.1 - How to invoke the printer options dialog box programmatically from Forms 9+

                    4. The most simple method is as you already know to run and display the report in the client browser and to use the menu File -> Print from the Internet browser