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    Answer Question link not working Email integration


      at one of the client, we have integrated email config. without response process, now there are no response links appearing which we wanted, we have taken "Workflow Open Mail (Outlook Express)" as template. everything fine till here.
      now problem comes when some user in approval hierarchy, request information from other users, in that case other user gets email with a link "Answer Question"
      once he clicks on this link, email opens and even if write something it wont go because response process in disabled, here expected behavior is,
      1. Link "Answer Question" should not appear and link "Click here to Respond" should appear as all other cases.
      2. If at all link appears, after clicking it, Oracle login page should appear.

      anyone can help me with this issue? where am I wrong?
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          Okie some more research on topic led me to solution bt its just a work around
          there are two templates in workflow, for More information requested, the desired one is outlook one, but there is no way to select that from Mailer configuration, so what I did is, I changed the message part of other one and made it same as Outlook one, now without bothering about which one my workflow takes, i get desired result. but i Guess there should be some patch which should give me this option in mailer setup(4th Step out of 8 Steps) to select More information template, where i should have selected outlook i.e. without customization.

          so thread stays open, any help to help me out to do it without customization would be appreciated.