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    FDM Look and feel error


      I have installed hyperion fusion version and installed EPMA,HFM and FDM. All the products are working fine and deployed to MSSQL Server.
      My only issue is when i browse to the login screen of FDM with localhost reference the FDM is working fine. But when i put the server name in the logon url, the logon screen appears with only the application name populatd in the application name drop down. "New Application"/"Add Application" dont appear. The drop down acts as if its disabled.

      Also after logging in with admin previliges in FDM the home screen appears fine, except nothing happens when clicked on any event. Also no drop menu appears when any menu is selected from the top of the screen. Like when mouse is put over "Administration" nothing happens.
      This happens only when the fdm logon url is provided with servername, whereas when i provide localhost in the fdm url then FDM works fine as usual.

      I am doing this in a virtual machine.

      Any would be a great help.

      Thanks in advance,