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    Searching for CPAs in iProcurement

      Is it possible to customise iProc search screens to search on CPAs as well as Reqs and POs

      We want users to be able to search for a CPA, and view any header attachments from within iProcurement responsibilities

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          We believe your expectation is much more than what oracle can provide :) .. Please raise a SR and check if Oracle able to help you in your requirement.

          As a standard functionality, when you search with % in a store of iprocurment it basically pulls all BPAs. If you want to search what are the CPAs linked to a store you can try below option :

          Use i-Proc resp --> Non-Catalog Request --> Check the list in Contract Number field .. This is the only workaround available for your requirement but sorry to say that you can not do any kind of drill down on CPA from i-proc resp ,.. For that you can use core Purchasing form or Buyers Work Center --> Agreements.

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          S.P DASH