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    Recommandable Profile Option PO:Workflow Processing MODE (Background/Online


      We are using oracle11i on windows 2000 server

      which Value is Recommendable for Profile Option PO:WORK FLOW PROCESSING MODE (BACKGROUND or ONLINE)?

      for PO Approval


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          It is advisable to Set "PO:Workflow Processing Mode" profile option to "Background" which is a default value

          If you set it as Online, it completes an entire approval workflow process before letting you proceed to the next activity, but provides you with an updated Status (for purchase orders) as soon as it finishes.

          When this profile option is set to Background, you must start the Workflow Background Engine, which you access through the System/application Administrator responsibility. It is recommended that you set this process to run frequently (Schedule), if you are using it for Background mode approvals.

          /S.P DASH