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    Question on JavaObjectCache + Weblogic Cluster

    Srinivas Medukonduru-Oracle

      I am new to JOC(Java Object Cache). I am exploring JOC to fulfill one of my requirement.

      My requirement : I have an application deployed on a Web logic Server clustered environment. I need to cache the application specific data(java HashMaps) and that should be available for all nodes of the WLS cluster. The application data that's being cached, can be updated from any of the node from the WLS cluster and the updated application data from the cache should be replicated/synchronized and available for all the nodes of the WLS cluster. The nodes in the WLS cluster resides in different machines from different locations.

      Can I use JOC as a caching service for my requirement?

      Can I use JOC with Weblogic Server Cluster environment(I heard its bundled with the Oracle Application Server and OC4J container)?

      How do I start JOC on each node of the Weblogic cluster?

      Do I need to configure the JOC cache instances, so that these cache instances would communicate each other in case of any data updates in the cache?

      It will be great help if you could also provide sample configurations to achieve the above scenarios.

      Thanks & Regards,
      Srinivas Medukonduru