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    WXE-14046 Origin server response is being throttled


      We're experiencing problems when downloading files; sometimes the downloads are retrieved quickly, sometimes slowly.
      In IE it's always slow, in FF or Chrome it tends to vary.
      Our setup is: webcache -> http-server -> weblogic.
      The downloaded files are not cached by webcache.
      It's a local setup, so files are downloaded over LAN and when quick, an 8mb file s retrieved in a second.
      When slow a download comes in at 100kb/s, and it seems to come in at 1mb bursts every 10 sec.
      When the webcache is bypassed, and we download from the httpserver or weblogic directly, there's never a slowdown.
      So it seems webcache is interfering somehow.

      I've set the event log to debug mode, and the only difference between a quick and a slow download is this line.
      [2011-02-02T15:18:35+01:00] [webcache] [TRACE:32] [WXE-14046] [backend] [ecid: 653466200783,0:1] Origin server response is being throttled.

      Does anyone have some info on what's going on here and if/how it can be disabled ?
      I can't find any info on this feature anywhere other than this page where something similar is mentioned:

      NB the version in use is

      Hans Rabouw