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    ldom configuration

      Outside of the VM Admin Guide, is there other documentation that explains the inner working of the ldom configuration? I tried the different combinations of the
      ldm add-spconfig/set-spconfig and didn't get the results i expected. am still confused with the use of the -r option.

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          Eric S-Oracle
          If you're just interested in saving a currently running configuration to the SP so it will automatically activate the next time the system is power-cycled, then use the add-spconfig & set-spconfig operations, and ignore the -r option altogether.

          Since configs are not automatically saved to the SP every time a change is made, it's possible to have your current setup revert to an older one (i.e. the last one saved via add-spconfig) on a power-cycle. In order to help detect & recover from this, we also save a copy of every config change on the control domain itself. The -r option is used for manipulating these so-called "autosave" configurations. There is also an SMF property (ldmd/autorecovery_policy) that controls certain aspects of the behavior of the autosave feature when LDoms detects an autosave config is newer than the currently running configuration (as would happen after a power-cycle that activates an older config).

          The autosave/autorecovery capability is documented in both the Admin Guide and the ldm man page; the general use of the *-spconfig operations are best explained (with examples) in the ldm man page.