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    wfchitt.sql (Workflow)


      I used wfchitt.sql to rename the workflow internal name(Item type).It has updated all the old internal names. Client want to keep the old records as it is
      how to prevent that?

      Amol Awchar
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          Sandeep Gandhi, Consultant
          The wfchitt.sql is supposed to do that.
          e.g. It has the following
          update wf_item_attribute_values
          set item_type = '&new_type'
          where item_type = '&old_type';

          This updates all existing records too. Why does the client want to avoid updating old records?
          If you leave them as they are, you are inviting data corruption.
          I think you need to run the script as it is.

          Hope this answers your question
          Sandeep Gandhi
          Independent Techno-functional Consultant
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            Hussein Sawwan-Oracle
            Please also see the PDF files attached in these docs for details about this script.

            Price Protection Events Error No Enabled Local Subscriptions Reference the Event, or the Event Does Not Exist [ID 1169425.1]
            iProcurement Product Documentation [ID 109924.1]