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    PO requisition and Purchase order

      hi Experts

      Just i want to know when u raise Po requisition manually or automatically ..before approving i need to know on hand quantity how i can know in requisition form?

      and when i am going to approve purchase order just i need to know the quantity How i can?

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          We believe this is not possible from requisition form or Notification Approval link... You still need to check on-hand qty in Inventory or through on-hand-qty report.

          In requisition approval link, you can see links like Edit Requisition, View requisition etc, but through these options you can't see the on_hand_qty of the item linked to requisition lines.

          Same is applicable for purchasing as well.

          This on-hand-qty check facility is only available for Order management Line :)

          Kind Regards,
          S.P DASH
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            Sandeep Gandhi, Consultant
            SP Dash is correct. There is nothing seeded that will let you do that.

            A couple of options
            1) Modify the approval workflows to show the onhand quantity.
            2) Create a personalization on the Req lines (or PO lines) block.
            The personalization adds a new menu option in the tools menu - say ONHAND CHECK
            When user clicks on ONHAND CHECK, the personalization uses the item number in the lines block, queries onhand and displays a message with the qty. You should consider if you want just the onhand , or the available onhand or reservable onhand etc.
            3) Similar to 2 above. But instead of displaying a message, the personalization zooms to the Material Workbench with the item number so user can see onhand.

            Hope this helps
            Sandeep Gandhi
            Independent Techno-functional Consultant
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