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    Mobile Client for a PHP Server (WebService?)

      Hi everybody !

      I need to program a server and a mobile client for that server. The server must be written in PHP. I'm looking for the best way to do that . I found these options:
      1) Using PHP/NuSOAP to create a web server and generate the mobile client using the wsdl generated by NuSOAP . Netbeans has a generator of mobile client, but the wsdl needs to be compatible with JSR 172 and NuSOAP's wsdl is not compatible . Then another option is using kSOAP2. That option worked for me for simple methods (using xsd:string results) but i don't know if it works for complex types. By the other hand, i read that kSOAP2 has stopped development in 2003 ¿What is the best way for work with web services?
      2) Another options is to program a web mobile client, using a framework like Sencha Touch, but the mobile requirements of that framework are too hard (i'm from Argentina, there are few IPhones in there )
      In summary, my question is what is the best way to develop a server(Web)-client(Mobile) model.
      Thank you in advance
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          I am currently developing a similar solution, but not only use the PHP - JavaME interoperability but also have .Net classic desktop client app. PHP is the WebService server.
          I had a lot of troubles but in the end of the day I managed to have working PHP (NuSOAP) - .Net part. Currently I am working on PHP - JavaME... and the answer is that You can force NuSOAP to comply to JSR 172. It is not straightforward but I managed to have it working.
          Right now I have different problem to solve:
          Overriding javax.microedition.xml.rpc.Operation

          Anyway making interoperability via Web Services is a real pain ;/