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    Functional Consultent Resposibilities

      Dear Exprts
      need to know what are all functional consultent responsibilities will be for a support project?
      can he able to modify approval groups and limit? ( if client want to add some new position and limit)?
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          It all depends how your organization handles the Set ups related to Oracle modules
          You need to have certain approvals from respective managers/process owners and you need to have the access to setup. Because in general support role, you don't have edit access.

          Ideal way is to see if your project has addressed similar
          Kind of requests in the past

          Hope this helps
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            hi need to know functional consultent responsibilities for support in Scm Modules like inventory,po and Om ......if u can give examples it will be helpful for me
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              Sandeep Gandhi, Consultant
              Typically, functional consultants responsibilities are to understand client's business business processes, suggest improvements wherever possible and then map the requirements onto EBS as best as possible. If gaps are identified, the consultant should suggest solutions.
              A lot of this is done during initial implementation. But some of this is ongoing work as well.

              In a support position, you need to fix issues as they come up. You also need to fill in gaps in the client's knowledge.

              For example, you should know how to modify approval groups and limits, how to setup Order types, how to setup cycle counts, how to close inventory period etc.

              Hope this helps
              Sandeep Gandhi
              Independent Techno-functional Consultant

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                Functional consultant responsibilities for a typical support project are mostly

                - Impact analysis of setup changes
                - Incremental setup
                - Data fix when required etc..

                Your Question : can Func. Consultant able to modify approval groups and limit? ( if client want to add some new position and limit)?
                Ans: I will go by what Sandeep quoted/explained, typically you can change Approval groups and limits once Business owner approves the changes, prior to that you have to do a impact analysis of the setup change and convey the risk to Business if any.

                Functional consultant responsibilities for a Implementation project are as below :

                - Requirement gathering, As-Is documentation, Business Process Mapping
                - GAP fit Analysis, Level-3 Process design
                - Application configuration/setup for Oracle Applications (Inventory, Purchasing, GL,AP,AR, OM etc. modules) and custom extensions in the various instances of the release life Cycle.
                - Setup document management (version Control & Incremental setup) – BR-100
                - Functional specification (MD.50) for customizations. & Development of customization requirements.
                - Resolution of issues raised during CRP/SIT/UAT sessions by Managers, key users, end users and regression testing team.
                - Conference room pilot testing, unit testing, and integration testing. Test script preparation.
                - Raising TARs with oracle for different issues and following up till resolution
                - Coordination with client managers/Key users and other teams for issue resolutions and getting sign-off for release to be moved to production

                Hope it helps

                Kind Regards,
                S.P DASH
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                  Following are the some key points

                  Functional consultant's role in Implementation
                  * Requirement Study in detail
                  * Preparation of RD020 document (As-Is process document) and get sign-off from client
                  * Mapping the requirements to Application process
                  * Preparing BP080 Document (Mapping of As-Is process to To-Be Process) and get sign-off from client
                  * Business Process Re-Engineering (BPR) need to be done if required
                  * Identification of GAP
                  * Preparing MD050/60 for customization
                  * Conference Room Pilot (CRP) environment Setup
                  * Conduct CRP and Resolve CRP issues
                  * Training Environment Setup (Optional, Same CRP instance may be used)
                  * Prepare Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) manuals
                  * Testing of Customizations (Forms, Interfaces and Reports)
                  * User Acceptance Testing (UAT) environment Setup
                  * Prepare TE040 document (Test Case Document)
                  * Assist users in UAT and resolve UAT issues
                  * Prepare BR110 document and get the access details requirement from the client
                  * Production Instance Setup
                  * Assist Developers to upload the master data and open transactions
                  * Verify the uploaded masters and open transactions
                  * Post Live support
                  * Prepare BR100 document (Setup Document)
                  * Co-ordination with Technical Consultants / DBA’s, Developers and Oracle Support

                  Functional Consultants Role in Support Projects
                  * Handling tickets and application support to the end-users. When an issue is received, it needs to be analyzed and resolved
                  * In case, if the issue requires the support of development, then transfer the issue to development team with the inputs. Monitor and help development team to complete the task
                  * In case, if the issue requires support from Oracle, then raise SR and co-ordinate with oracle support team till closure
                  * In case, if the issue requires to run diagnostics requests, SQL’s or any other required to identify or resolve the issue, then run those required (data fix SQL’s when Required) and update SR’s and co-ordinate with oracle support team till closure
                  * In case, if the issue requires the support of Database Technical Consultants/DBA, then Describe and transfer the issue to Technical Consulting team with the inputs. Monitor and help Technical team to complete the task
                  * Preparing MD050/MD060 documents for any customizations
                  * Preparing Test Cases, Test Data & testing.
                  * Interaction with client/end users & updating the issue status.
                  * Training the end users and preparing end user training material.
                  * There will also be interaction with other modules consultants/Technical Consultants/DBAs/Developers
                  * Creation of process documents & its updating if required

                  Functional consultant should know the basic SQL and the important tables and how to run diagnostics and SQL’s. Data Loader is an easy to use tool, hence it is better to know it. Knowledge of discoverer is a plus.

                  Applications Developer tasks / Forms and Reports, PL/SQL are not required.
                  Applications DBA tasks and/or Application Technical Consultants Tasks are not required.
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                    Small Comparison

                    Functional consultant’s role is to setup and configure the applications to support business requirements and Support the Applications to run smoothly in post go live phases on functionally

                    Technical consultant role is to perform installations, conversions from legacy systems, integration with third party applications(DB Links), Suggest to develop interfaces, customizations to meet business requirements not supported via standard functionality of the applications, and application database administration, updates and patching as required.

                    Both roles should have a working knowledge of each other’s role, and both should very strong analytical skills in order for an implementation to be successful.

                    Oracle Applications is not a Quickbooks type application where you install it and it just works, it is very configurable to a company’s specific business requirement. In the hands of skilled professionals can meet most if not all business requirements of most companies.

                    In the hands of the wrong individuals, it can be a company’s worst nightmare.
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                      Sanjay Desai EBS
                      Hi Kosala,

                      Thanks for sharing your valueable knowledge.

                      Now, I would like to know the different Document name ( function as well technical ) with its code in Technical terminology.
                      Can you provide the same ?

                      For example, in your post, you have mentioned that
                      RD020 - As-Is process document ,
                      BP080 - Mapping of As-Is process to To-Be Process document.
                      .... etc.

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                        Typically following documents would be implemented.

                        RD20= As Is Business Requirement
                        BP80 = Future Business Process with flow diagrams
                        Gap Document = Gaps identified b/w oracle and client requirement
                        MD50 = Functional Design Doc.
                        BR100 = Setup Document
                        TE40 = Test Analysis Doc

                        MD70 = Technical Design
                        CV50 = Conversion Doc
                        TE50 = Test Analysis

                        Above mentioned are primarily implemented commly..other docs might be required as and when required.

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                          Sanjay Desai EBS
                          Thank you very much arif ...