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    how do I limit choices for messageChoice

      I have my bc4j:viewObjectDef created for my bc4j:MessageChoice. My bc4j:MessageChoice is working great, it displays all the item from a BC4J view that I have created.

      what I would like to do is limit the items in the messageChoice an example would be to limit the area codes in the MessageChoice to whatever state that was selected in the state column.

      to be honest I am not ever sure where to start. I am guessing that I need to pass a parameter into the bc4j view, and put something into the where clause.

      I am using jdev
      here is some of my code for the MessageChoice:

      <bc4j:viewObjectDef name="ListSiteView" rangeSize="100">
      <bc4j:rowDef name="CreatesitetListView" autoCreate="true" >
      <bc4j:propertyKey name="key" />


      <bc4j:messageChoice name="Site" attrName="SiteId" prompt="Site ID" >
      <bc4j:viewObjectScope name="ListSiteView" >
      <bc4j:rowStamp >
      <bc4j:option attrName="Id" textAttrName="Id" />

      any help to get me started would be great.