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    This should be simple - why can't I figure it out?

      I have been going in circles on this for over a day now - I want to call uix2.uix from uix1.uix, passing the value of a parameter (page property) on uix1 to uix2. I must have missed a meeting, because I cannot figure this one out. My page property is called "key" , and I raise an event on a button as follows:

      <button text="Create a Task" ctrl:event="create" />

      My "create" event looks like this:

      <event name="create">
      <ctrl:go name="TaskCreate" redirect="true">
      <!-- Pass the Project key -->
      <ctrl:property name="projKey" >

      <!-- ?????? OK, now what? How do we set the value from the "key" Page Property ????? -->


      How do I take the value in the "key" page property and populate the "projKey" property? Can I set this value as an event parameter somehow or is this the wrong track? Help me please!


      PS this is NOT 9.0.5