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    Oracle Linux hardware requirements

      Cannot find Oracle Linux hardware requirements anywhere. Can anybody help please? Is there an article on this topic somewhere?
      I plan to install Oracle Linux and Oracle 11g for personal use but not sure if my comp. has enough memory etc...
      Thank you very much.
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          Requirements will depend on what you are planning to use it for. The minimum requirements for Oracle Linux are the same as Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) and CentOS, but this is not what you would want.

          Oracle Linux, like other Enterprise Linux systems, is made for server platforms and may have driver issues with top of the line desktop configurations.
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            834525 wrote:

            Cannot find Oracle Linux hardware requirements anywhere.
            There is none. You can have a 64 CPU HP Superdome and it may not suffice. It all comes down to the workload that you are going to run. That dictates the h/w requirements. Not Oracle itself.

            There are minimal requirements though. You need sufficient memory for the SGA to be created. You need sufficient disk space for the basic tablespaces and files to be created. This is perhaps what you are looking for? Keep in mind that these are simply to get Oracle s/w to load successfully. It does not mean being able to do anything useful with it.

            The smallest you can set the SGA is to 64MB (according to the SGA_TARGET minimum value from the 11gr2 Reference guide). I quickly tested this using 10gr2 XE and the database instance starts fine using only 64MB of memory, but I cannot even execute a basic SQL select statement as there is insufficient memory in the shared pool to create a cursor. A more realistic minimum would be 512MB.

            Disk space - hard to say as it depends on how you are going to use the database, the number of objects you will create, their sizes, and so on.
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              Mizan Nayan
              -- Check Physical Memory.
              # grep MemTotal /proc/meminfo
              MemTotal: 2059516 kB
              At least 1GB of physical Memory (RAM) is required.
              In my case I have 2GB.

              -- Check Swap Space.
              # grep SwapTotal /proc/meminfo
              SwapTotal: 3148732 kB

              RAM between 1GB and 2GB then Swap = 1.5 times the size of RAM
              RAM between 2GB and 16GB then Swap = equal to the size of RAM
              RAM more than 16GB then Swap Size = 0.75 times the size of RAM
              Since my RAM is 2GB, so I have 3GB of Swap Size.

              # df -h /dev/shm
              Filesystem Size Used Avail Use% Mounted on
              tmpfs 1006M 0 1006M 0% /dev/shm

              OS shared memory should be at least equal to what your memory
              management targets (automatic memory management) are going to
              be later on. For example if you have plans to use memory management
              targets lower then 1000M so 1006 M of shared memory file system
              is sufficient for you.
              But if you would like to have a bigger shared memory (/dev/shm)
              size then do the following:

              # mount -t tmpfs tmpfs -o size=1500m /dev/shm
              # df -h /dev/shm
              Filesystem Size Used Avail Use% Mounted on
              tmpfs 1.5G 0 1.5G 0% /dev/shm

              -- Check space available in /tmp
              # df -h /tmp
              Filesystem Size Used Avail Use% Mounted on
              /dev/sda3 8.7G 3.7G 4.5G 45% /

              You need to have at least 150M to 200M of space in the /tmp directory.
              Make sure you have more then 200M in the column "Avail" in the above output.

              -- Disk space requirements for oracle software and pre-configured database.
              -- I have a separate partition "/u01" that I created for Oracle Software
              -- and database files
              # df -h /u01
              Filesystem Size Used Avail Use% Mounted on
              /dev/sdb1 12G 159M 11G 2% /u01

              -- I have 11G avaialbale space on the partition /u01.
              -- Which is quite sufficient according to the requirements below.
              Space requirement for Oracle 11g Release 1 Software:
              Enterprise Edition 4.35G
              Standard Edition      3.73G

              Space requirement for Orale 11g R1 Database Files:
              Enterprise Edition 1.68G
              Standard Edition      1.48G
              creating a database is always optional with oracle installation.
              Can be done later.

              For full installation process please follow the link