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    SQL LOADER problem with line breaks in text field

      I have the data in text file as follows :
      408~SR9345~12/20/2010~TSG - Talked to jay Ponath.  They would like to meet with Jon.  I forwarded Jon's info to Kay and sent Jon the following email:
      Hi Jon,
      Just following up on my voice mail.  I have forwarded your information to jay Ponath from ibm. She is going to contact you to setup a call where we can all be on the call to discuss your requirements.  I apologize this has taken so long, I needed to find the right people to talk to on the HLab side.  When I tried to describe what you want, they decided they would like you and me to meet with them.
      Please feel free to give me a call if you have any questions.
      Thank you,
      the control file is :
      INFILE '$KI_TOP/conversion/XXHAM_Notes.txt' 
      INTO TABLE xxha_proj_attachments
      FIELDS TERMINATED BY '~' optionally enclosed by '"'
      CREATE_DATE DATE "mm/dd/yyyy",
      The problem is i am unable to load the data in the exact format as above due to newline characters one gets when one opens this data in notepad.
      Please help