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    FDM Adapter FTP

      Hi all,

      I need to configure SAP-FIN-A Adapter in order to connect FDM and SAP systems.

      Reading the documentation related to this adapter, i have seen it's necessary to configure a FTP server. Should this server be in SAP server or should it be in FDM server?

      If it should be in FDM server, does anybody know if Oracle Consultants should install it when they came to install FDM, HFM and the Adapter?

      Thanks and regards.

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          Please refrain from marking every post as "Urgent" This is considered poor forum etiquette.

          It would be imprudent to comment as to whether or not the Oracle consultants should have configured the adaptor. Each contract has its own terms and this may not have been included in the statement of work. Review the contract and contact Oracle if you feel that they are responsible for the configuration.
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            Ok, sorry about the subject of the message, but i m in hurry, i won't write it anymore.

            I ll check the contract, as you said. But... related to FTP, do you where should it be placed? I mean in SAP server, in FDM server or it doesn't matter the server, i mean it could be in other different server?

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              It doesn't matter where the FTP server is at. The clearly documented requires just need it.
              If you have one currently in house then you can leverage it. If you do not have one you will need to build one.

              Thank you,
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                Hi, thank you very much for your reply. Everything clear now.