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    Windows 7 with 11g ODBC install confusion...

      Hi all,

      Ok, I am just a little confused. All I need to do is get ODBC running under Windows 7. I figured this would be easy, but apparently not. I am trying to install Oracle 11g 64 bit on a new Win 7 computer. This is to set up a "typical" end user system and is NOT for development.

      I first went to the 11g download page (http://www.oracle.com/technetwork/database/enterprise-edition/downloads/112010-win64soft-094461.html ) and downloaded the client software (win64_11gR2_client.zip). I unzipped and installed that. I was able to run NetAdmin and edit the TNSNAMES.ora file. However, when I ran the MS ODBC manager - there were no Oracle driver options. I tried this with both the InstantClient and Runtime options.

      So I figured I had missed something. I ran the deinstall and then did a system restore. I read the docs in the install and here on the forum and saw references to the instant client installs.

      It told me to download the Basic Instant Client and ODBC Instant Client packages from the Oracle Technology Network Instant Client page, so I went to link http://www.oracle.com/technetwork/topics/winx64soft-089540.html and downloaded both the instant client (instantclient-basic-win-x86-64- and the ODBC module (instantclient-odbc-win-x86-64-

      I unzipped the client-basic first per the odbc docs. No docs, just a readme with no details. And nothing named install. I did see two .exe files (adrci.exe and genezi.exe) but netiher was a clear install package. Nor was there a .msi package. So, in reading the docs, I tried to determine if "deployed" meant unzipped or installed. So I unzipped the instant ODBC files into the instantclient_11_2 folder and ran the ODBC_install. There was no reference to NETADMIN in the startfolder, but there was an ODBC shortcut - which I ran. It showed the ODBC drivers, but when I got to the TNS Service Name and clicked on the "down arrow", all I saw were what appeared to be garbage entries. There was no TNSNAMES.ora file to be found.

      Ok, so now I reinstalled the initial download and then tried to add the ODBC stuff to that.... No luck.
      I Ran the universal installer and tried to get it to load the ODBC stuff - but there were no .xml files (which is what it apparently wants) to load. And when I tried to install the instant ODBC, the universal installer still didn't appear to see ODBC stuff...

      So I can install the first and be able to edit TNSNAMES.ORA. Or install the second and see an ODBC driver - but not configure it because I can't reference a TNSNAMES.ora file. Or do both and just get frustrated because both installs IGNORE the other....

      Oh, if I run the NetAdmin and create a TNSNAMES entry - when I test it, it can connect to the server. But I just can't get the ODBC Oracle driver to find that file.....

      IAC, what do I need to download (just the minimum oracle 11g) to an end user's win 7 x64 computer so that I can configure the TNSNAMES.ora settings and setup the ODBC connection?

      Anyway, I am sure there is an easy answer to this. And I would be happy to mark your response as an answer so you get the credit you deserve for helping me.

      And it would be even nicer if there was a little more support about ODBC in the docs that come with both the standard client and the instant client installs.



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          gdarling - oracle

          With respect to the full cient, the Runtime and Instant Client options don't install ODBC if I remember correctly. You could do custom install, select ODBC (generally it's good to select SQLPlus as well), and the necessary client files will automaticatlly be installed. Or re-run setup.exe on the install media, select custom install, and add odbc to the existing home.

          With respect to the instant client download, the dropdownlist being populated with garbage is a known issue, you can just type in the valid tnsnames entry. It's just a cosmetic thing that wont affect the functionality. I think it's resolved in later patch levels too.

          Also, if you have mutliple homes, the homes are not aware of each other and you'll need to configure tnsnames.ora for each home (or set a tns_admin enviornment variable).

          Hope it helps,
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            RE: Instant client.
            1) It did not come with a TNSNAMES.ora file nor was it clear where I would place the one I have so it would work.
            2) I did try enter a valid entry, but it would not work (my guess is that I didn't copy the TNSNAMES.ora to the right folder).

            RE: Standard install:
            1) It installed the TNSNAMES.ora file and apps to manage it. I was even able to test and confirm that it worked. But when I ran the MS ODBC manager, there were no references to the ORACLE drivers, so I couldn't create one to reference the TNSNAMES.ora file I had created.

            You have given me a few ideas and I will try some of them (running the standard install option in custom mode, copying the TNSNAMES.ora file to every folder in the instant client install, using just the 32 bit versions, etc.) If any of those work, I will report back. If you have any idea on how to resolve the above issues, I would certainly appreciate it as well.

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              gdarling - oracle

              The solution to "I dont see the odbc driver in the odbc admin" amost always boils down to either
              a) the driver is not installed, install the odbc driver,
              b) make sure you're looking in the right odbc admin (32 bit vs 64 bit).
              There are some other cases.. install wasnt done as admin so oui couldnt update registry, theres an "@" in the list of drivers, etc, but those are nowhere near as common.
              It sounds as if you're looking in the right admin, but didn't install the driver.

              The solution to the tnsnames issue is to
              a) create the tnsnames in the home being used, in the &%OH%\network\admin directory. If the file doesnt exist, create it. If the directory doesnt exist, create it. That's the "well known" location the client will automatically check.
              b) create a TNS_ADMIN environment variable that points to the folder you want the .ora files (ie, tnsnames, sqlnet, etc) to get picked up from.

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                Ok, after trying the other options, I restored the computer to a clean state and started over using the Oracle 32 bit version with the main 11g package. After finding out that the default MS ODBC Manager software does not show the 32 bit drivers, I was able to use the correct version and get things working.

                Thanks again for your help,