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    SOS: Convergence can not send message to the channel tcp_scan [anti-virus]

      I installed Convergence 2.0. I have a server anti-virus which is defined in the channel tcp_scan of the config file imta.cnf
      +! tcp_intranet+
      tcp_intranet smtp mx single_sys dequeue_removeroute pool SMTP_POOL maytlsserver allowswitchchannel maysaslserver saslswitchchannel tcp_auth loopcheck missingrecipientpolicy 4 aliasdetourhost tcp_scan-daemon charset8 ISO-8859-1

      +! tcp_auth+
      +! tcp_auth smtp mustsaslserver mx single_sys missingrecipientpolicy 4+
      tcp_auth smtp mx single_sys mustsaslserver missingrecipientpolicy 4

      +! tcp_scan+
      tcp_scan smtp mx single_sys subdirs 20 maxjobs 7 pool SMTP_POOL daemon antivirus.xxx.fr port 25 dequeue_removeroute

      The problem here:
      When I send message from Convergence, this message will be sent to tcp_auth, tcp_lmtpcs but not tcp_scan. It means that the message passes my MTA and stores in my stockage server but it does not go through my anti-virus server.

      However, when I try to send it directly by telnet. The message will go through my anti-virus server.

      Can you help me to solve this problem?

      Thanks a lot