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    ASL and Sourceing rule

      Dear Experts

      Where is the link between ASL and Sourcing Rule....
      ex in ASL (item x or commodity xx) Approved supplier is 'yy'
      In Sourcing Rule u just mensioned Supplier'YY' we can mension allocation % and rank.... here there is no link with item ....where is the link...what will the importent things we need to know in ASL and Sourcing Rule?
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          In a layman term, Sourcing & ASL is a concept through which you can source items from a set of known Approved Supplier List. In simple words, this tells about where you can source certain items and from which suppliers ..

          Rule is derived based on Supplier/supplier site.

          Hope it helps.

          /S.P DASH
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            Sandeep Gandhi, Consultant
            To add to SP Dash's answer,
            As a thumb rule,
            Sourcing rules tell you the supplier.
            ASL tells you the price and release method.

            You also asked
            where is the link
            The link is in the Sourcing Rule assignment screen.
            Purchasing > Supply base > Assign sourcing rules.

            On this screen, you assign a sourcing rule to an item. This is how Oracle knows which sourcing rule to use for a given item / org /item-org.

            Hope this helps
            Sandeep Gandhi
            Independent Techno-functional Consultant
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              Thanks Sandeep!!! for clarifying the link which I earlier thought as Supplier/Supplier site.. Sourcing rule assignment is the catch...

              Thanks again...

              S.P DASH