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    value not rendered back from the messageLovField

      I am trying to retrieve a selected value from the messageLovField. The popup window is returning the selected option correctly but its not getting plpulated in the main page. The script myCallBack() is causing the problem. could any body please tell me where the problem is

      here is the myCallBack()
      function myCallBack(win, event)
            confirm('In the call');
            var value = win.myData;
            if (value!=(void 0))
              document.portletForm.lov1.value = win.myData;
      the code for the mySelect in the popup
      function mySelect() { 
          var choice = document.form1.ch1;
          top.myData = choice.options[choice.selectedIndex].value; 
      the messageChoice in the popup is
      this code is included in the tags form and contents tag in my page. I just didn't put them in this pasted code.
      <uix:messageChoice name ="ch1" >
              <uix:option text="option1" value="option1" />
              <uix:option text= "option2" value="option2" />
              <uix:option text="option3" value="option3" />                  
            <uix:end >  
                <uix:submitButton text="Select" onClick="mySelect()" />
                <uix:submitButton text="Cancel" onClick="top.close()" />
      And lastly why does the alert() not work in the script?
      if we specify the script as JavaScript does it work??