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    Complex Logic - Custom Script - Some other solution?

      Evening All,

      FDM v11.1.1.3
      Goal:_ To have conditional mapping based on a currency column. Original accts translate to summary account plus specific C2 member based on the currency. Solution is needed to aid in Currency Exposure reporting.

      I have been trying to use complex logic with no luck.

      Dimension Background:_
      Custom2 dimension has been built with duel purpose. For P&L accounts it provides Cost Center detail. For Balance Sheet it will provide Currency Exposure Detail. For any P&L accounts C2 is either the exact matching member from the file or C2#0000 if no Cost Center applies.

      So the intent was to read the Account/Currency combination and if Acct=<focus aact> then change C2#0000 to hard-coded C2 value as depicted in the example below.

      Curr=USD A#1020?? -> A#102001.C2#USD_USD
      Curr=AUD A#102038 -> A#102001.C2#USD_AUD
      Curr=GBP A#102047 -> A#102047.C2#USD_GBP
      Curr=GBP A#102051 -> A#102051.C2#USD_GBP

      Attempted Solution:_
      I previously had various Explicit/Between/In/Like definitions. I have tried to create Complex Logic accounts. When I IMPORT the source file. It creates the proper Logic Account records with the proper C2. But two issues emerge:

      1> I have one logical record and one original record
      2> When I VALIDATE I get converted dimension as per normal mapping not the hard coded value (C2#USD_AUD).

      I tried the following but still not getting expected results:
      Explicit Map 102038 -> IGNORE
      Explicit Map L102001_AUD -> 102001
      Any advise would be greatly appreciated.