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    Requisition Import Parameters

    Rajeev R

      In our project there is a requirement wherin PO creation from Sales Order is dependant on below mentioned conditions

      1 Items belong to different divisions, we have defined item categories to indicate the Item owning division. At the time of Req Import, separate requisition should be created based on different divisions. Say A and B are different divisions and item XX belong to A and YY belong to B. When the user runs the Req Import, PR1 should contain XX and PR2 should contain YY. There is parameter called 'Category ' in requisition import but to my understanding it reflects Purchasing Category. Is there any workaround by which we can create separate requistions based on Item Owning division.

      2 If 2 different sales orders are created say SO 100 and SO 101 , as the REQ Import program is scheduled to run every 15 minutes so it will pick both Sales Order i.e. 100 and 101, our requirement is that the items belonging to different sales order should not be clubbed on a single PR i.e. PR1 should contain items belonging to one division of one sales order and PR2 should contain items belonging to another division of another sales order.

      I did not find any parameter like sales order number while running REQ IMPORT.

      Could you please help me in knowing any solution whereby both requirements are met without much customization.

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          Karthik Gopaluni
          Your requirements will be taken care if you can group the requisitions by Owning Division right..did you consider/try adding a new segment in the Purchasing Category which will hold Owning Division?
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            Sandeep Gandhi, Consultant
            To handle complicate grouping requirements, it is best to use the group_code field in po_Requisitions_interface_all. All requisitions with the same value in the GROUP_CODE column are grouped in one req. So you can write a d/b trigger or some custom code to update the group_code according to your business logic.

            Look at Nagmohan's post for some code in Requisition Import Program and at

            A better solution is to use the oracle provided custom hook (po_reqimp_pkg.post_validate_user_extensions) for requisition import to populate the GROUP_CODE column in PO_REQUISITIONS_INTERFACE table. The logic inside the hook will populate appropriate interface records with the same GROUP_CODE. The logic you put here is supported by Oracle and will survive upgrades/patches.

            Hope this answers your question
            Sandeep Gandhi
            Independent Techno-functional Consultant