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    Contact Center Anywhere8.1.3|Unable to get proper Report URL for Supervisor


      I am facing a problem to view the Reports using Supervisor login under Reporting.
      The version of Oracle CCA is : 8.1.3.

      1) The urlforccatotawreports field in the systemconfiguration database table is been updated with

      2) Inside TAW application, web.xml is been updated, below is part of it.
      (IP and Port is mentioned in the actual file/field)

      3) The WebLogic server, Database server, Network Manager and TCP IP Bus have been restared after making the changes.

      If the URL is been updated in the opened browser
      from : http:///ReportServlet?fileName....................
      to : http://IP:Port/TAW/ReportServlet?fileName.......
      then we are able to see the reports properly.

      Appreciate quick help.