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    How to install R12 using Virtual Box

      Hi All,

      I have tested Oracle Pre-built Developer VMs (Database App Development and SOA & BPM Development).
      These are very easy to deploy on standalone system using Oracle VM VirtualBox. I have not used any Oracle VM Server or Oracle VM Manager.

      Thinking in a same way, I have downloaded templates of R12.1.3 from edelivery but there are NO ".ovf" and ".vmdk" files as I found for Database App Development and SOA & BPM Development. There are only series of zipped files having extension ".tgz". I am not sure how to proceed using VM VirtualBox.
      As per R12 installation instructions provided, I have to install the VM server and VM Manager. I cannot do this.

      Please let me know, how can I install the R12.1.3 using Oracle VM VirtualBox. How can I create the .vmdk and .ovf files from these zipped templates files.
      I do not want to include the VM Server and VM Manager.

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          Johan Louwers
          The files you donwloaded are for Oracle VM and not for Oracle VirtualBox.

          Best option is to create a virtual machine in virtualbox and just install Oracle eBS R12 using the traditional way via the universal installer after you have installed the operating system.

          you might want to unpack the .tgz files and after that do a conversion to a virtualbox file however that would be somewhat experimental.


          So I would keep it to install a new OS and then install eBS R12

          (ON A SIDE-NOTE)
          It is stated that on the roadmap for VirtualBox is that you can Run Oracle VM images however for now that is not any good to you I guess. I am not using VirtualBox extensifly anymore but I think it is not in yet. :-)

          Johan Louwers.