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    Migrating JDk1.4 to JDK1.5


      I am trying to make our application JDK 1.5 compatible. Currently we are using JDK1.4 which is working fine.
      While building the ear file I am getting symbol not found error.
      I am getting this error for the enterprise method. I am trying to invoke the stateless session beans using remote interface.

      My project structure looks like


      I am trying to invoke the ejb object in projectEjb from projectWeb using remoteinterface
      Calendar startDate = Calendar.getInstance();
      Calendar endDate = Calendar.getInstance();
      LocalEJBServiceLocator locatorEJB = LocalEJBServiceLocator.getInstance();
      FacadeHome facadeHome = (FacadeHome)locatorEJB.getRemoteHome("ejb/FacadeHome",FacadeHome.class);
      Facade facade = FacadeHome.create();
      [javac] C:\Inventory_Wrkspc\Project\ProjectWeb\JavaSource\com\bank\Web\SendStatusServlet.java:161: cannotfind symbol
      [javac] symbol : method sendStatus(java.util.Calendar,java.util.Calendar)
      [javac] location: interface com.bank.facade.ejb.Facade
      [javac] status = facade.sendStatus(startDate, endDate);

      Im using the same script file for both JDK1.4 & 1.5. Able to build the ear using 1.4 were as not with help of 1.5

      Kindly help me in fixing this issue.

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          Are you sure you don't mean JEE 1.4 to 1.5 instead of JDK because the latter wouldn't matter.

          Anyway, your current problem has nothing to do with it. You just made a typo like providing starDate as an argument instead of your defined Calendar instance of startDate.
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            Im try to make our application compatible to JDK1.5 only.

            startdate and enddate are instance of calendar. If the data type is an issue then it should fail while i compile using JDK1.4 also but its successful.