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    Migrating JDk1.4 to JDK1.5


      I am trying to make our application JDK 1.5 compatible. Currently we are using JDK1.4 which is working fine.
      While building the ear file I am getting symbol not found error.
      I am getting this error for the enterprise method. I am trying to invoke the stateless session beans using remote interface.

      My project structure looks like


      I am trying to invoke the ejb object in projectEjb from projectWeb using remoteinterface
      Calendar startDate = Calendar.getInstance();
      Calendar endDate = Calendar.getInstance();
      LocalEJBServiceLocator locatorEJB = LocalEJBServiceLocator.getInstance();
      FacadeHome facadeHome = (FacadeHome)locatorEJB.getRemoteHome("ejb/FacadeHome",FacadeHome.class);
      Facade facade = FacadeHome.create();
      [javac] C:\Inventory_Wrkspc\Project\ProjectWeb\JavaSource\com\bank\Web\SendStatusServlet.java:161: cannotfind symbol
      [javac] symbol : method sendStatus(java.util.Calendar,java.util.Calendar)
      [javac] location: interface com.bank.facade.ejb.Facade
      [javac] status = facade.sendStatus(startDate, endDate);

      Im using the same script file for both JDK1.4 & 1.5. Able to build the ear using 1.4 were as not with help of 1.5

      Kindly help me in fixing this issue.