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    New Accounts Missing from ERPi Pull

      A consulting firm originaly set up ERPi ( for us so that we can pull metadata as well as data from our Oracle GL into Hyperion Planning. Recently, we stopped using ERPi to pull the metadata (ERPi does not sort members numerically) choosing instead to edit hierarchies manually in Planning and then refreshing to Essbase. We now only use ERPi for data pulls only. However, the data that ERPi now pulls does not include new GL accounts that were recently added manually in Planning and then refreshed to Essbase.

      Question: Is there a requirement that Metadata rules in ERPi MUST be used in conjunction with the Data extract in ERPi in order to get data for these new GL accounts ? All other data comes over correctly. Its just the new accounts that don't come over. The jobs completes successfully (green checkmark) and we do register the source system before pulling the data. It seems that ERPi will only pull data for known tuples in Essbase. ERPi will not pull data for newly created tuples in the GL that does not currently exist in Essbase.

      Any help/explanation/suggestion is appreciated.
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          Metadata rules refresh the code combination ID to member name relationship (from eBS). You must refresh the metadata rule (in ERPi only) before running a data rule to ensure that you get all records.

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            Thanks for your response Tony.

            If I understood your answer, you are saying that I must run a Metadata extract in order to get all the latest code combination updates. Correct? What would you suggest to someone that absolutely cannot run the Metadata extract because it would overwrite the hierarchies in Essbase that have been so meticulously maintained offline thus far ? Is there a back end solution to update these new code combinations ? By the way, where are these code combinations maintained ? In the Planning repository tables ? if so, which schemas ? (Not that I would try to manually manipulate them). Thanks Tony.
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              You can modify the process to not load to Planning when you run the metadata rule. The code combination IDs are refreshed in ERPi and then pushed over to EPMA (or Planning if using classic). By modifying the process to not load past erpi, you get the update IDs and thereby the full data set.
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                I love your idea. I'm going to test it. Thanks Tony.