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    install osb 11g(ps3) on ubuntu 10.10 64bit

      I'm trying install osb 11g(ps3) on my ubuntu 10.10 64 bit, the steps are as below.
      1. install jdk 1.6 64bit into */home/jacky/jdk1.6.0_23*
      2. install weblogic 10.3.4 using wls1034_generic.jar into */home/jacky/Oracle/Middleware*
      3. unzip oepe using oepe-helios-all-in-one- into */home/jacky/Oracle/Middleware/oepe*
      4. install osb 11g using ofm_osb_generic_11. into */home/jacky/Oracle/Middleware/Oracle_OSB1*

      but in step 4, when I specified oepe location with */home/jacky/Oracle/Middleware/oepe*, the error occurred, the message was "*INST-07248: Specified OEPE home location is not a valid location Enter a valid OEPE home location*".

      Anybody can help me? Thanks a lot.