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    Solaris 10_u8 upgrade slow down mysql store procedure


      Recently we upgraded the following and found out that MySQL store procedure takes more than 40 times longer to run:

      Old configurations:
      - Hardware T5120
      - Solaris 10_u4 8/7
      - MySQL 5.1.30
      - Primary service domain has 8 ldoms, primary has 4 cpus and 2G mem
      - Ldom mgr 1.0.3
      - Database server sits on LDOM2 with 12 vcpus and 8G mem, two image file disk export from primary, basically the whole 2nd disk raid 1 for LDOM2, one 15G for OS and other 100G for database
      - Store procedure only takes 0.87 seconds to finish

      New configurations:
      - everything is same as above, except I patched the primary to kernel patch 142900-02, then the mysql store procedure in LDOM2 takes about 35 seconds to finish

      I have tried all different kind of combinations, from the above configuration I think there might be some kernel parameters settings changed since the upgrade but not sure what are they. If any one know or has some kind issues please let me know. Any help would be appreciated.