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      I am setting DMSARGS as follows in Applet Page
      <PARAM NAME="DMS_TESTArg” VALUE="1" />

      I am using DMAPI and I never seem to get DMSARGS in the XML Request, As per DMAPI, I am supposed to get something like following in the XML Request

      <Property name="DMS_TESTArg"><![CDATA[1]]></Property>

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          Jeffrey Chapman-Oracle
          Hi Ketul,

          Just a quick question: Are you using the AutoVue Integration SDK available in AutoVue 20, or are you working with the DMAPI directly? If you're doing the latter, I strongly recommend the former.

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            Using DMAPI Directly, any particular reason why ISDK is recommended over the DMAPI? I was under impression that they both are equivalent,
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              It seems to be working now. I can only put the problem down to caching in Browser but I am not to sure about it as I remember clearing out browser cache and Java temp files,

              Anyways I am stuck with another problem not really related to Integration but with GUIFILE PARAM, a gui file that I created works perfectly on my dev machine (yeah classic works on my machine!) but for some reason, AutoVue Applet just does not seem to pick up configuration from the GUI file in the test environment, I thought it was down to Caching again but have tried everything to clear the cache but it does not seem to pick up the new gui file.
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                Assuming the question is answered. Please post a new question as your GUI file issue may not get noticed if listed under DMS args thread.