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    iProcurement: Regular chain of authority not invoked in AME


      R12.1.3 iProcurement

      Added a approver group using "pre-chain-of-authority approval" to the Purchase Requisition Approval transaction type in AME. The idea is to hae an individual review and click on the approved button in the notification, subsequent to which the "supervisor" of the preparer/requisitioner to receive the notification (as part of the Approval Hierarchy).

      When creating a requisition, Approval page diagram of iProcurement (page 3) shows only the custom "approver group" as being built in AME which is getting correctly invoked as part of "pre-chain-of-authority approval", but does not show the next approver (belonging to the regular chain of authority/position hierarchy specific).

      Because, of this, the approver in the AME approver group can approve the Requisition in iProcurement, even though he/she does not have dollar authority.

      I would like that when this approver (belonging to the custom Approver Group) clicks on the "Approved" button in the workflow notification, the approval to continue up the "regular" chain of authority as per the existing supervisor of the requester in the Position Hierarchy

      Need help/ Please let me know if any other action type or action has to be added for the regular "chain-of-authorityy" approvers to be invoked/included in the approval hierarchy of the Requisition.

      Swarna Duttagupta

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          Could you please check below points.

          1. First check the rule whether the 2 approver groups are attached with that or not.

          2. If the both approver groups are not present in the approver group then check the action type. We believe you are using the approver group of chain authority. Then kindly add the seeded hr supervisor hierarchy to the approver group of chain authority and then add the approver group to the rule.

          3. If the above points have been already taken care then it may happen that supervisor and the pre-list member is the same person .

          Hope this helps..

          Kind Regards,
          S.P DASH