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    Customization In PO_INTERFACE S

      Hi All,

      I customised PO_INTERFACE_S package for some requirements to be meet. But after doing few changes in that
      package it will not allow me to Autocreate PO through Autocreate For. So the customization in the standard package is allowed or not.

      I got the following error msg: APP-PO-14090: No Requisition Lines Were Autocreated.
      Possible Causes:
      1) You tries to autocreate linesonto a blanket release
      where the combination rules were not satisfied.
      2) An Exception occur in PO Account Generator
      Workflow during the autocreate process.
      3) Some other error occured during the autocreate process.

      Amol Awchar
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          Sandeep Gandhi, Consultant
          What changes did you make?

          You can certainly customize this package but Oracle may not help you debug issues like this.
          Without knowing the specifics, we can offer a general advice.

          To debug your issue, first remove the customization and put everything back to how it was.
          Now see if you face the issue.
          If you do, you can contact Oracle.
          If not, try to put your code back piece by piece till you find the offending code.

          Sandeep Gandhi
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            I made changes in only one update statement. But It will not create PO. If I revert back those changes then,
            it works fine. So in that case what I need to do. Is the customization is allowed in that standard package or

            Amol Awchar