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    Broken Pipe errors

    David Pulliam
      Just something I noticed in my apex listener logs.

      I keep seeing this happening over and over again. Any suggestions on tracing it back?

      --- 2/15/11 9:52 AM ( 31 Minutes 13 Seconds Ago ) ---
      Broken pipe
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          Hello David,

          do you just see this in the logs or do you have users complaining that something isn't working right?
          The most common reason for "Broken Pipes" are users that stop a request in their browser before the response was submitted completely. To stop, the user doesn't even need to explicitly push a browser button or escape key: If you have rather complex pages with relatively long loading times or response times are getting longer due to higher load, a user might continue to click on the next target without waiting for the page load to complete.
          If everything is working as intended, I would care about that message.

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            David Pulliam
            Thanks for the clarification. This is our first experience with using the Weblogic Server and APEX Listener so I am still figuring out what is normal and when I should be concerned. I think it is like you say, people canceling connections, as I have not heard any complaints yet. Last night I did have a failure where the server started complaining about NLS_LANG but restarting the apex listener fixed that.