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    OIC Pay by Transaction profile change


      We are on 11.5.10.

      We have a problem wherein end-user permanently closed all the accumulation periods for 2010.
      And for some of the salesreps the subledger is not matching the unposted commission, due to which the create worksheet gives an error "Failed to create worksheet ..". This error could have been resolved by recalculating for entire year 2010 but since now the periods are closed we are unable to submit recalc for 2010.

      Note that we have "Pay by Transaction" set to Yes, only Jan-2011 payrun is unpaid and period is open.

      Now our workaround plan is to switch the "Pay by transaction" to No then create the worksheet for the erroring salesrep, make adjustments to reflect the correct commission, pay the payrun, and then revert the "Pay by transaction" to Yes. The salesrep worksheet gets generated when the Pay by transaction is No

      Would this workaround cause any problems ? Are there any other options/alternatives that we could perform to resolve this issue ?