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    16 bit Tiff conversion using ORDImage.processCopy

    Simon Collins
      I was wondering if the ORDImage.processCopy can understand / cope with 16 bit TIFFS

      I'm using the function to convert uploaded BLOBS to thumbnails in jpeg format and everything works OK apart from some of the 16bit TIFF images that the researchers produce (which in fairness are not supported through standard software image viewers on Windows / Linux OS), however I was wondering whether any of the Oracle image functions has a way of dealing with them to produce valid jpg thumbs (at present using the snippet of code here I just get black images)

      verb := 'fileformat=jfif maxscale=' || pixels || ' ' || round(pixels*ratio,0) ;

      ORDSYS.ORDImage.processCopy(l_blob, verb, dest_blob);