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    What LMS are you using with UPK?

      I have been using UPK for about 2 years. I have been tasked with finding an LMS for our organization. If you are using an LMS, please let me know what you are using, what you like and don't like about it.
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          I'd suggest you look to Brandonhall.com elearning guild or ASTD for a roundup report on LMS. My organization uses SumTotal on a global scale. With UPK's they load each topic as a SCO, which I don't like in terms of a learner experience. Currently we do not put UPKs on the LMS, we link to them from a Knowledge Base site on Sharepoint.
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            We are using Janison - LMS Vs 7.01
            Its a bit clunky and visually not what you call cutting edge.
            We have over 2.5k users in 13 different institutes who are all tested on the LMS and we use SCORM 1.2 to score a 80% pass.
            No pass - no access.

            Wouldnt recommend Janison but it may have been our initial setup of the file structure that is causing a lot of our problems and lack or reporting options.