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    Unable to upload MS Office *.***x format files with APEX Listener

    David Pulliam
      I think I have found a bug. I am using the latest production release of the listener (1.0.2). We can upload any file successfully except for the new XML format Microsoft Office (we think this might be due to missing a patch that were going to apply) files as long as they are on the local disk drive. If we try to upload files in our APEX applications that are located on network shares, the file will never reach the APEX server.

      If we attempt to upload the new MS Office documents, the result is an error in the web browser of:

      "404 Not Found

      Sorry!The page requested was not found."

      Apex listener also wipes everything off the URL so it is like this "https://xxxx.xxxxx.xxx/apex/wwv_flow.accept"

      We suspect this first part might be related to a metalink patch that we need to apply (9770959) as we saw this error in both 11g OHS and Apex Listener even though it worked file on a 10g OAS.

      If we try to upload from a network drive with the APEX listener, the upload processes but the file never makes it to the file storage table.

      As I stated, We have had no problems with 10g OAS/OHS with any type of file.

      Can anyone offer any suggestions?