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    Forms on iPad?

      I realize there isn't any Java support on the iPad, but I was wondering if anyone may have thought of a way to get Forms to work on an iPad?

      Oracle has a couple of apps for the iPhone which I assume would work on the iPad, so does Oracle have any plans to support mobile devices for any of its other technologies?
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          I doubt Forms will ever work on the iPad unless there is a JRE on it.

          I think the technology is J2ME(?) for the mobile stuff. Whatever it is, there is stuff that you can use.
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            Andreas Weiden
            In fact, there are technologies from oracle for mobile devices. One is called oracle Mobile Server.
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              Rosario Vigilante
              I heard that Oracle has shares in Apple, maybe this could a good news for the JVM on IPAD.

              I am waiting it too
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                Christian Erlinger
                If memory serves the JVM on MacOS was/is implemented by Apple and certified by SUN (Oracle). I can only guess, but I think the same will apply to the iOS too. I am not sure if a typical forms application is suitable for an iPad or a similar tablet PC as the operation concept on those touch thingies is slightly different then from a normal PC. Applications written for a Keyboard and Mouse Input System can become a PITA to operate on Touch Devices. Anyway; the iPad has a Browser which should be capable of most of the standardfeatures of a browser (except the flash plugin, but who needs that damn flash plugin the oracle support portal on the iPad anyway?), so you should be able to run APEX or ADF applications on the iPad.

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                  Apex should work, Forms/Java/J2ME won't.

                  Apple runs a closed shop development-wise for iOS, adding a JRE would open it up so they won't do that.

                  Mobile Server is a mid-tier component, but there is a mobile database implementation, I think it's only for windows but could be wrong on that.
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                    We'd don't need a prompt solution, but we'd like to know is there any plan for oracle developers to get it worked on iPad ?

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                      Christian Erlinger
                      As you can certainly read from previous comments on that thread that would depend on apple, as forms needs a Java Plugin which isn't available right now on the iPad.

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                        Grant Ronald-Oracle
                        Forms needs a JVM to run on the client so it would need that for starters.
                        Not sure I agree with the comment that Apex will work and ADF will not - so long as the client has a browser it should be ok to access applications on it.
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                          I was thinking more of something that would work like APEX's conversion software, read a Forms XML file and create and iOS app for the iPad.
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                            Grant Ronald-Oracle
                            Apex conversion tool doesn't do alot more than Emp/dept (and doesn't even touch the triggers in Forms code) so you'd need a heck of alot of magic to make it run natively on an iPad!
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                              I have seen a lot of indications that there exist a sort of emulation way of doing this. Where the application is actually running somewhere
                              where the jre exists and runs and that layer communicates with a front end on the iphone/ipad,etc. For example:

                              This is yet another place where it indicates oracle would do very well to produce its own browser. So in this case the client to cloud version
                              browser would be able to have precisely the correct behavior to communicate with the remote jre.

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                                Go through this link it may helpful.
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                                  Hey youall. I don't even have an ipad. Can't afford it. But I see around here the power people, who make a lot more
                                  money than I do, all do have them and have great expectations about the little people on the bottom, like me, making everything compatible with them.
                                  So if you don't have something functionally equivalent to a mythical citrix for ipads/iphones then I guess you need to use a remote control program like vnc or whatever. You need to get to an environment that can run applets. But don't ask me how to do it because while
                                  I see the problem I am hard pressed to come up with a solution considering I can't even afford this stuff myself. I think you could do it but I didn't say you could do it for free nor that you could do it without it being slow, etc.

                                  It's amazing how people have really put themselves out to implement things you would never think they would want
                                  to do on say an iphone. We have people here who MUST have TWO 24 inch monitors on their desk to do their deskstop things BUT ALSO want everything to work remotely via their iphone and ipad.
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                                    We have checked the above, no luck so far though:

                                    Using smartphones and mobile devices with EBS Forms-based apps

                                    Some E-Business Suite products run in Oracle Forms. These Forms-based products require the use of Sun's Java Runtime Engine (JRE) to run. We test the Sun JRE with Windows-based desktop clients. We do not test any mobile Java clients with E-Business Suite Forms-based products, and I would be rather nonplussed if I received any reports of this configuration actually working.

                                    If you encounter any issues with mobile-based Java clients that cannot be reproduced on a Windows-based desktop client, our recommendation would be to use the latter client, instead.
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