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    Problems with ODAC Beta on Win7

      I recently installed ODAC Beta on my Win7x64 box. I'm writing some C# using VS2010 Premium. I modified out app so that it will connect to an Oracle instance (11gR2 running on a Windows Server 2008r2 box). However, when I run it, I get an AccessViolationException. Also, whenever I try to create a connection in the Server Explorer, it crashes VS2010 (no error, it just evaporates). There are no errors recorded in either the application or system event logs.

      I checked the network traffic, and it seems that the driver successfully connects to the server, but after the connection is established and the app tries to retrieve data, something happens. The last thing I see in the network trace is my app making a request, the remote server acknowledges, then my machine sends a TCP reset (I'm guessing the request is timing out because the app is no longer responding on that port).

      Our app runs in 32-bit mode, so I don't think that's the issue. I can successfully connect to the instance using both SQL*Plus and SQL Developer.

      If anyone has any clues, ideas or suggestions, I'd really appreciate it!