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    FDM Reportsi,

      I am trying to execute the reports (Process flow) through the script. Category and period are not coming in the report. But If I run the same report from the Activity->Report->Process Flow(CatKey, Period). Do I need to update in the Script to populate category and period values displayed in the reports.


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          When run from a script, your script needs to pass the parameters to the report for publishing.
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            Yes I am passing the parameters,
            objReport.mParametersAddNew "CatKey", "12"
            objReport.mParametersAddNew "Period", "2004-01-31"

            But still the report is not displaying the period and category

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              Not sure I am following the issue. When you say they are not displaying - do you mean in the report as a field or the report is just not populating data?
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                Hi Tony,

                The report is printed when I am going to Analysis->Report->Process Monitor correctly.

                But I want to give users option of menu maker and want to run the report before email and attach that report in the email. So is it possible to do?

                I tried creating the report using the accelerator of reporting. The report I saved in custom->Web script.

                Though I am running the script by clicking on the "Run" and the script is run successfully, and a pdf document is generated successfully in the folder, but when I open the pdf document I am not getting the correct result.

                Its not populating any thing in the report:

                Category: empty
                Period: Empty
                Location: PartName
                Status: Status Cod

                So I am stuck of what to do next....Can you pls suggest me where I did wrong.


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                  can any one guide me on how to proceed further.

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                    A few things:
                    1. Does the report work if you run it manually?
                    2. Are you sure the periods/categories are setup properly for ALL adapters?

                    Thank you,
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                      When I run the reports manually Period and Category is displayed.
                      When executing it using the Script its not displaying the period/Category. Though I am passing the parameters (CatKey and period).