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    android beehive instant messenger client

      Is there a beehive friendly, instant messenger client for android?
      I've seen a hacked up beem client and tried it with no success.

      I'm not sure of the parameters to enter to get it to work. This is for Oracle.

      I have yourname@oracle.com
      pwd: password
      resource: ?

      under advanced I have:
      require ssl
      specific server option checked
      port 5523

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          The Beehive Mobile Communicator currently only support iPhone and Blackberry, we may support Android in the future.

          SHAPE's IM+ works against Beehive but be aware that they use an intermediate gateway server so your corporate policy may not be ok with that.
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            I also would like to have Android supported on Beehive. I just switched from a WIndows 6.5 device to Android 2.2 and unfortunately have loss this ability. I had to move from Windows since Windows 7 was not going to be supported.

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              You can use xabber as a Messaging-solution..
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                And what would be the settings using Xabber?
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                  I'm interested in Xabber settings for mobile Beehive IM as well. Could you please post?
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                    David White
                    Settings for xabber are fairly straightforward: our server is reachable on the Net of course, I just put in my xmpp login first.name@mybhv.company.fr, password and connected right away.

                    By comparison, Pidgin was more complicated. If you server name is different than tha part after the '@' then edit the account and set the appropriate value in the 'host' field


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                      I tried what you said above. It has a host and server entry both of which I set to stbeehive.oracle.com. They still didn't connect. I wish there was a log or error message that would tell me what setting I have wrong. I'm going to keep trying but anyone have any quick answers to this.
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                        the client from Shape's works without any complicated config
                        Just go to the Android market and search for SHAPE IM
                        The very first one is IM+ (free) install it and use it.
                        settings as follows:
                        Username: firstname.lastname@oracle.com
                        Password: Email password
                        Host: stbeehive.oracle.com
                        Port: 5223
                        Resource: IM+ Android
                        Priority : 5
                        Secure connection SSL : Enabled
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                          it now May 2012... 13 months into the future. Do we have an Android client yet?
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                            It works on IM+

                            Here is the settings I used
                            mail: xyz@oracle.com
                            password: password
                            Host: stbeehive.oracle.com
                            Port:5233 Priority:5
                            Resource :oracle_uid-lap(stbeehive)
                            check Use old-style SSL

                            Save and connect
                            Hope this is useful

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                              A little Theory explanation ( For tech people):
                              XMPP (The beehive uses this chat protocol) by default is on TCP port 5222. This port is blocked on the Oracle firewalls and only 5223 port is available from Internet to the Oracle Network. The chat client needs to be configured for XMPP Protocol on port 5223 to work with Oracle chat. Because Oracle Beehive server only supports basic authentication, SSL is required to protect passwords. That's why the chat client needs to supprot the 'Old stile SSL' authentication. The only Android client that I found (May2012) to explicitly support 'Old stile SSL' authentication is Jabiru. Android App IM+ does work as well, but it uses it's own servers to relay messages and that is a security issue, hence do not recommend to use it.

                              How to set up Android App. Jabiru for Oracle chat:

                              Jabiru does not need any registration to use.
                              1. On the Accounts tab, you'll see a default account. Either you may alter it or add another one. Get in the settings of that account. Change the name to 'Oracle' for example.
                              2. For Jabber ID and password enter your Oracle Beehive ID and password (same as your Beehive E-mail ID and password). For example firstname.lastname@oracle.com .
                              3. You'll see a "Resource" tab. You may leive it as it is (Jabiru) or write whatever you like - 'Beehive' for example. This resource name will be seen in your friends' rosters.
                              4. In the 'Alternative host' tab write down your server's FQDN name. This will be 'stbeehive.oracle.com'
                              5. Server port : 5223
                              5. Security mode must be disabled.
                              6. Make sure you tick 'Legacy SSL' to enable the 'Old stile SSL' authentication.
                              7. And last, do not check the "Compress Traffic" option.

                              That's it. Tested and worked for me for Jabiru Version 2.2.1 on Android Honeycomb (HTC Desire S). MUC - Group chat works fine as well.
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                                Tested in:
                                Sony Xperia S / Android 2.3.7
                                country : India

                                Below setting worked fine and can initiate chat. But I am facing a strange problem. All the contact are showing as "Offline" , though actually they are online. I am able to chat with them but their status not getting changed. I have checked by logging into Pidgin from my laptop and those contacts were actually online.

                                Can you please provide any solution for the same.

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                                  Thanks for the post, was struggling with xabber for 2 days. I am new to android and Jabiru was not listed in samsung apps, it was listed in google playstore. It was extremely simple to configure and use.
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                                    I have registered my android phone and received a mail from beehive team that they launched an IM client for Android users.

                                    As per the mail BEEM is the only certified/supported/approved method to send and receive Oracle instant messages on an Android device. Any other clients/applications that may be in use on the device are in violation of Acceptable Use Policy and must be uninstalled immediately.

                                    Followed the instructions at [BEEM on your Android device|http://my.oracle.com/site/pdit/BusinessOpsIT/Collab/BeemForAndroid] and it works like charm, loving it.

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