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    Flat file from FDM

      Hi Gurus,
      I have to load data from Planning to HSF using FDM. Version I am working on is I just wanted to know if rather than directly loading data into HSF, can FDM prodoce a flat file as a result of the Export step, which can be later used to batch import into HSF?

      I have a similar requirement of local HFM application producing a flat file from FDM which will be subsequently loaded into the world-wide HFM application as local users have restricted access to the world-wide HFM appllication.

      Thanks & Rgards!
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          If you want FDM to produce flatfiles as output, you can use Pull adapter which gives your data as .dat files in FDM Outbox. However to load these files in HFM or other Hyperion tools, you would need special scripting.
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            You could use the HSF or HFM adaptor and simply disable the load. In the integration settings of each adaptor, there is an "Enable Load" option. Unchecking this will produce the dat file but will not load it.

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