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    Java Web Application

      Hello Everyone,

      I am new in java web application development. I know java programming language.
      I must develop a web application. My web apllication won't be big system. It is just a exam system. It has Authentication, Authorization, and Access Control, login control, user management vs.
      While I was searching on the internet, I saw the Adobe Flex.

      Can i develop this system by using just Adobe Flex? I have to use a web application framework? It is 'yes', suggestion? Can you give me a idea?

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          I'm not familiar with Flex, but I think its just for the presentation layer.
          The post I provided below discusses how to lay out a simple web application in MVC layers

          Re: standard flow control
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            Helloo dear

            If u wanting to create a simple web application so u can use a struts Framework that use Model -View- controller architecture for creating a basic web application. It's a best way to cr.
            ceate a web application

            Model: Java bean and action class which contain all the business logics and also use for storing an manipulating data .

            View: Simple JSP use as presentaion or u can say output

            Controller : ActionServlet which controls whole of user request it's call as brain of whole application which hold and control the flow of logic