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    Can not export dimensions to HFM application Entity

      I'm trying to integrate Oracle Hyperion FM with Oracle eBS R12.
      I've successfully registered the source system and the target application.
      I've successfully created a metadata rule but when I run the process, the following step failed: "Can not export dimensions to HFM application Entity"
      The log indicates the following:

      Error in LKM COMM Load Members into HFM - Load Metadata to HFM
      Traceback (most recent call last):
      File "", line 277, in ?
      *com.hyperion.odi.common.ODIHAppException: com.hyperion.odi.common.ODIHAppException: Metadata load failed. Error code: 0x800443C1 [Can not load metadata because of integrity constraints]*

      My Environment: Win server 2003 on VM, oracle 10g

      Thanks in advance