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    Sybase to Oracle migration - lots of  'Failed To Convert Stored Procedure'

      About 10% of the procedures failed to convert .. the sort of error messages I find in the logging page in SQL Developer are similar to

      Failed To Convert Stored Procedure xxxxxxxx > yyyyyyyyy:<#######>

      where XXXXXX and YYYYY are the procedure name and ###### is one of the following

      no such attribute: postCommentNextLine in template context [start anonymous TSQL_procedureDefinition else_subtemplate functionDefinition statementBlock if(content)_subtemplate sqlStatement whileStatement statementBlock if(content)_subtemplate sqlStatement sqlcodeQueryBlock TSQL_queryExpression if(hasSelectItem)_subtemplate if(cursor)_subtemplate queryExpression(...) TSQL_querySpecification else_subtemplate else_subtemplate querySpecification(...) commaSeparator selectItem]


      unexpected AST node: EXEC_PARAM_LIST: Line -1 Column -1


      String index out of range: <some number>




      <some number>

      Is there any where where I can find out what these messages mean?

      The 'no such attribute' seems to happen mostly with procedures with lots of 'begin .. end if begin .. end if ' type of structure .. if I start hacking the code from the bottom up, eventually the Translation Scratch Editor will convert the script but by that stage the program has lost all meaning.